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SGI Members in Slovenia Host Seminar

On December 2 and 3, 2006, SGI members in the southern Alpine states and Adriatic nations of Europe hosted an "Alpine and Adriatic Seminar" in Ljubljana, the capital of the Republic of Slovenia. Fifty SGI members and their friends from six countries--Italy, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, and Hungary--gathered for a seminar on value-creation. Tsuruko Kühn, SGI-East Europe women's division advisor, spoke on Nichiren Buddhism, as well as the value-creating pedagogy of educator and first Soka Gakkai President Tsunesaburo Makiguchi. She emphasized that the genuine spirit of Buddhism lies in people's struggles to create value and achieve happiness amidst the sometimes challenging realities of daily life.

SGI representatives from Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany and Hungary meet in Ljubljana, Slovenia

[Adapted from an article in the December 25, 2006 issue of the Seikyo Shimbun, Japan]