Back to listNov 29, 2006

SGI Members Gather in Uganda, Cameroon and Ghana

SGI-Uganda women and friends from Kenya and Rwanda at first training course

Uganda: On November 11-12, 2006, SGI-Uganda women participated in their first training course in Kampala at a ranch on the shores of Lake Victoria. Among the 16 participants were two women from Kenya and one from Rwanda. The women studied "Happiness in this World" from Nichiren's writings and discussed core issues they face as women in society, including developing respect for self and others; establishing meaningful relationships; manifesting Buddhahood as women; and challenging and moving toward great dreams.

Cameroon: October 28-29, 2006, SGI-Cameroon men attended a training session in Yaounde, Cameroon's capital. After reading "The Four Debts of Gratitude" from Nichiren's writings, the participants discussed the responsibilities of parents to their children, children to their parents and the importance of fostering a heart of appreciation for others. On the second day, a doctor lectured on HIV and how to protect oneself and one's family from contracting the virus, as well as steps to take in case of infection. Later, the men broke into groups to discuss strengthening the mentor disciple spirit; supporting youth and women; creating harmonious families; establishing solidarity among fellow members; realizing a "Century of Africa"; and their roles in creating peace in African society.

SGI-Cameroon men at their recent training session

Ghana: In SGI-Ghana, representatives from 16 chapters gathered on November 4 at their center in Accra, Ghana's capital. A participant in the recent SGI training session in Japan reported on the program. The group discussed 2007 activity plans and resolved together to make a fresh advance.

Representatives from 16 chapters gather at the SGI-Ghana center in Accra