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English Edition of The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Volume II to be Released Soon

The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin (WND), Volume II (English language translation)

The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin (WND), Volume II, was recently published in commemoration of November 18, Soka Gakkai Founding Day. Next year also marks the 55th anniversary of Nichiren Daishonin gosho zenshu, a compilation of Nichiren's writings in the original classical Japanese. WND Volume II comprises 234 translations, among them four of Nichiren's ten major writings: "On Reciting the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra," "Choosing the Heart of the Lotus Sutra," "Letter to Shimoyama," and "Questions and Answers on the Object of Devotion." Other major writings in this volume are "On the Protection of the Nation," "On Reprimanding Hachiman," "The Unanimous Declaration by the Buddhas of the Three Existences," and "The Receiving of the Three Great Secret Laws." The translations in this volume are arranged for the most part in chronological order. Translations of letters and fragments of letters with no date or recipient's name are collected at the end of the text.

The Soka Gakkai Study Department and the Gosho Translation Committee, with the support of Dr. Burton Watson, former professor of Asian Studies at Columbia University, USA, and an eminent translator of Chinese and Japanese to English, were engaged in the WND translation and editorial project.

With the publication of WND Volumes I and II, 406--nearly all--of the writings contained in Nichiren Daishonin gosho zenshu (Tokyo, Soka Gakkai, 1952) are now available in English. (The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings, an English translation by Dr. Burton Watson of the "Ongi kuden," was published in 2004 as a separate volume.) Background notes accompany each translation. The appendices include an alphabetized list of the titles contained in the two volumes to help readers find a particular translation. Volume II, as with Volume I, also includes a glossary, book titles, personal names, and other lists.

The Soka Gakkai published The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Volume I, in 1999 and The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism in 2002. All of these publications will help develop an understanding of Nichiren Buddhism.