Back to listOct 15, 2006

SGI Members Hold Friendship Exchanges at 58 Venues in Aichi Prefecture

SGI-Korea members attend exchange meeting at West Nagoya Culture Center

On October 14, SGI members from around the world, in Japan for an autumn training session, traveled to Aichi Prefecture for friendship exchange meetings at 58 venues. SGI members from Malaysia, Thailand and India received a warm welcome from local members of an agricultural area at the Toyohashi Culture Center. Following words by Zone Leader Hidekazu Muramatsu, Toshie Fukui shared her experience of practicing Nichiren Buddhism. SGI-Thailand Executive Chair Somsak Likitjariyanon gave greetings on behalf of the Thai members. Viratana Sae Loa shared an experience of applying the philosophy of Buddhism and winning at work. SGI-Thailand members remarked they felt as if they were back in their home country by the warm welcome they received. Inspired by the sincerity of the Thai members, local members in Aichi refreshed their determination to advance together with the other SGI countries around the world.

Bharat (India) Soka Gakkai, Malaysia Soka Gakkai and SGI-Thailand members receive a warm welcome at the Toyohashi Culture Center
SGI Latin America members attend meeting at the Chubu Memorial Hall