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SGI-Taiwan Recognized as Excellent Community Organization for 14th Consecutive Year

Interior Minister Lee Yi-Yang (left) presents award to SGI-Taiwan Vice General Director Wu Da-he

The Interior Ministry of Taiwan has chosen SGI-Taiwan as an Excellent Community Organization for 2005. SGI-Taiwan was one of 17 chosen from among 6,965 organizations to have contributed the most to Taiwanese society during the year. The organization has been recognized for 14 consecutive years since 1991, one year following its official registration as a religious organization. No other organization has matched this feat. SGI-Taiwan members have continued to put into action SGI-President Ikeda's encouragement to SGI members to contribute in areas of peace, culture and education in their respective communities and societies as good citizens. SGI-Taiwan has sponsored numerous exhibitions promoting environmental preservation and harmonious coexistence with nature, as well as traditional and modern art shows. The SGI-Taiwan student division has also sponsored and staffed Soka Joy Summer Camp, which provides young people in rural areas with opportunities to participate in athletic events, chemistry workshops, dances, and other educational activities.

Exhibition on harmonious coexistence with the natural environment (June 2005)
Soka Joy Summer camp at an elementary school in July 2005

The Interior Ministry lauded SGI-Taiwan's activities that promote collaborations between the family and society. At an awards ceremony on September 25, Interior Minister Lee Yi-Yang praised the recipients, saying it is extremely difficult to be selected as one of 17 from among nearly 7,000 community and social organizations. He affirmed that the members of the 17 organizations selected have continued to take action for others with the spirit of dedication, which has contributed to the prosperity and happiness of society. Mr. Lee presented a citation to SGI-Taiwan Vice General Director Wu Da-he. SGI-Taiwan youth division's Heavenly Drums Orchestra performed two celebratory pieces.