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New SGI-Europe District Established in Ísafjördur, Iceland

A new district was established in Ísafjördur, Iceland, making it SGI-Europe's northernmost district. With a latitude of 66 degrees, Ísafjördur is located on Vestfjarda Peninsula, overlooking Ísa Fjord. The town serves as a principal fishing port in northwestern Iceland, as well as a tourist destination with its tall, precipitous mountain ranges. In June of this year, SGI-Iceland Headquarters Chief Eygló Jónsdóttir, together with five other leaders, drove eight hours from Reykjavik, the nation's capital, and met with members and their families for an intimate discussion meeting. The district was formed at that time. Its name, Dynjandi, comes from a sparkling waterfall close to Ísafjördur and means "that which makes a powerful sound." Mrs. Sigridur Sigurjonsdóttir and Mr. Steingrímur Einarsson, husband and wife, were appointed district chief/district women's leader and district men's leader, respectively. They each run a business and have two children, 10 and 15 years old. The two have practiced Nichiren Buddhism for 20 years, steadily engaging in grassroots dialogues to spread its philosophy in a community where they are well respected. Expressing their joy, they say although their district is small, they are resolved the district will become one filled with smiles and that each member will gain and spread a network of trust in the community.

SGI members in Ísafjördur, Iceland

[Situated next to the North Pole, Iceland is one of the world's northern-most countries. With a population of 290,000, Iceland is ranked second in the world as one of the most livable on the United Nations' 2005 Human Development Index (HDI), a standard means of measuring a country's well-being, especially in child welfare.]