Back to listSep 23, 2006

SGI-Italy Holds Summer Buddhist Study Session in Fiuggi, Italy

From August 31 through September 3, over 2,500 SGI-Italy representatives met in Fiuggi, located some 80 kilometers south of Rome, for a summer study session. The city is long known for its medicinal mineral hot springs, reputed to cure a wide scope of urinary tract and liver diseases. Artist Michelangelo is said to have frequented Fiuggi to take advantage of its healing waters. Following the opening ceremony, a video of a recent monthly Soka Gakkai leaders' meeting was shown. On September 2-3, the group studied SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's lectures on the "Opening of the Eyes" and "On Attaining Enlightenment in This Lifetime," two of Nichiren's writings. Participants also shared how they challenged difficulties and obstacles by applying the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism. During an impromptu cultural show, choruses portrayed the uniqueness of their respective areas. At the closing ceremony, 500 youth presented a song. Everyone attending refreshed their resolve to spearhead Europe's peace and prosperity, with the solidarity of "many in body, one in mind."

SGI-Italy participants at the summer study session in Fiuggi, Italy