Back to listSep 20, 2006

SGI-Russia Members Gather for General Meetings

September 8 commemorated the 32nd anniversary of SGI President Ikeda's first visit to Russia (then the USSR) in September 1974. SGI-Russia members gathered in their respective areas for general meetings on or around September 8. At five venues in Moscow, 80 gathered, including members from Krasnodar, 1,200 kilometers from Moscow, and Ekaterinburg, 1,400 kilometers away. Members shared experiences of applying Nichiren Buddhism in their daily lives and engaging in dialogue with friends about its philosophy that spurs inner-directed, positive transformation. Some areas had study presentations on Nichiren's writings, and others discussed the scope of Mr. Ikeda's visits. Members also met in Saint Petersburg (Sep. 9), Vladivostok (Sep. 10) and Nizhny Novgorod (Sep. 17).

Members in Moscow
Members in southeast Moscow
Members in Vladivostok
Members in Nizhny Novgorod