Back to listSep 14, 2006

SGI-UK Young Men Participate in Summer Course

From September 1 to 3, SGI-UK young men's division (YMD) members who have shown unprecedented growth and development, met in Slough for a summer study session. Members from Scotland and Northern Ireland joined the session, which included experiences of challenging difficulties with the practice of Nichiren Buddhism, sports events and small discussions to foster and deepen friendships. YMD Leader Manuel Fernandez encouraged those present to strengthen their commitment to their respective missions in life, their individual vows for contributing to their communities and society at large, and the YMD's growth, development and solidarity. Youth Division Leader Yasunori Hirayama asked everyone present to continue engaging in dialogues on Nichiren Buddhism and the SGI, to help expand society's understanding of the SGI's activities. SGI-UK General Director Robert Samuels encouraged the young men to challenge their personal "human revolution" and develop into individuals who inspire hope and are appreciated by family members and society.

SGI-UK young men