Back to listAug 29, 2006

SGI-Macau Youth and SGI-Hong Kong Boys and Girls Meet, Respectively

SGI-Macau youth

On August 19, SGI-Macau youth met at the Macau Culture Center for a youth division general meeting titled, "Challenging Ourselves to Make the Impossible Possible, Let's Create the Era of Macau Peace with Our Hands." The participants enjoyed a small culture show comprising choruses, instrumentals and drama. Youth leaders called on attendees to take initiative in their local activities, share Nichiren Buddhism with friends and contribute to the development and prosperity of Macau society.

SGI-Hong Kong boys and girls enjoy their meet

On August 20, some 700 SGI-Hong Kong boys and girls met for a general meeting at the Hong Kong Culture Center. An energetic dance number opened the event. This was followed by a play titled, "The Lion Cub and the Oneness of the Mentor and Disciple," portraying the spirit of the unity between mentor and disciple, through a cast of animal characters with a jungle as backdrop. New boys and girls leaders Pang Kai Pong and Chan Soi Lai, respectively, were announced.

New boys and girls leaders Pang Kai Pong and Chan Soi Lai are introduced