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SGI Young Men's Division Members Celebrate 55th Anniversary in Argentina and Thailand

Dr. Cresto (right) speaks about the mentor-disciple relationship

On July 16, commemorating the 55th anniversary of the Young Men's Division (YMD), some 1,000 SGI-Argentina YMD members gathered at 12 venues, including Ushuaia, the world's southernmost city. At the SGI-Argentina Peace Hall in Buenos Aires, Argentina Academy of History President Dr. Juan José Cresto spoke on the relationship of mentor and disciple. He likened our lives to a treasure hunt in an extraordinary palace with riches hidden in various rooms. In one room, we may discover a treasure trove of art and once we finish retrieving that, we will try to open other doors to see what lies hidden. When the mentor opens a door and enters together with the disciples, even if the mentor breathes his last in a particular room, like eternally turning wheels, the disciples will continue opening other doors and discovering treasures. He said SGI President Daisaku Ikeda serves as such a mentor who has helped many people open doors in their lives that had previously been shut. Dr. Cresto called Mr. Ikeda a free thinker, philosopher and genuine "child of the revolution." The young men attending refreshed their resolve to open the door to their next "mission."

On July 11, 800 SGI-Thailand young men from throughout the Bangkok metropolitan area celebrated the YMD's 55th anniversary at their Thornburi center. In a message, Mr. Ikeda called on the young men to become trusted in the organization, in the local community and society at large. He encouraged them to become indispensable wherever they find themselves so that people will say, "I feel so reassured when you are around!" and "Everything will be all right as long as you are here." Following a presentation of SGI-Thailand's history and a brass band performance, the group sang a newly composed song.

SGI-Thailand young men