Back to listJul 19, 2006

Two Official Websites Related to Daisaku Ikeda Now Available

Soka Gakkai International (SGI) launched two official websites related to President Daisaku Ikeda in July:.

Daisaku Ikeda Library -

The first site, "Daisaku Ikeda Library," showcases Mr. Ikeda's published works. Mr. Ikeda is a prolific writer. The scope of his works ranges from novels, discourse on Buddhism and life, poetry, and essays to dialogues conducted with the world's prominent scholars, activists and leaders. The website includes brief summaries of the various books, their contents and publication information. There is also a section to inform readers of current and upcoming publication of Mr. Ikeda's works.

Words of Wisdom -

The second site contains over 70 passages, selected from President Ikeda's books and speeches and grouped in categories such as "Life", "Attitude" and "Happiness." In addition, there are passages relating to President Ikeda's views on Buddhism and five short essays on topics such as Staying Young and Life and Death.