Back to listJun 5, 2006

Soka Gakkai Agriculture and Fishery Departments of Okayama and Aichi Hold Renaissance Rallies

On June 4, 2006, Soka Gakkai Agriculture and Fisheries Department members met in Okayama and Aichi, respectively. Okayama representatives hosted an experience rally in Misakicho, Kume-gun, which is one of 100 selected terraced rice fields of Japan. The three speakers were: Juntaro Kawamoto, who received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award for the quality of his eggplant; Kenji Shimada, rice farmer; and Nobuo Ikemune, owner of white peach and muscat orchards. In Aichi Prefecture, three representatives shared experiences of their efforts in farming and fishery in Taketoyocho, Chita-gun.