Back to listJun 4, 2006

SGI-Switzerland Representatives Participate in Training Session in Trets, France

From May 4-7, 150 SGI-Switzerland members participated in a training session at the SGI-European Center in Trets, southern France, together with SGI-Switzerland General Director Massimo Marazzi. SGI-Switzerland Chair Tadayasu Kanzaki lectured on "On Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime" from Nichiren's writings. Representatives shared experiences of applying Nichiren Buddhism to overcome obstacles in daily life. Participants held a question and answer session with the leaders. Some members put together a small variety show with dances and choruses.

Participants during training session
Impromptu chorus brightens the gathering

On April 22, the young women's Byakuren (White Lily) support group met at the Zurich Culture Center for their first meeting following appointment of new leaders. The group studied "On the Gift of Rice" from Nichiren's writings and shared personal experiences. The participants vowed to spend their youth creating value and contributing to others' happiness.