Back to listMay 12, 2006

Soka Gakkai Women Launch 55th Anniversary Meetings

National WD Advisor Ikuyo Sakaguchi heartily lauds a presentation National WD Advisor Ikuyo Sakaguchi heartily lauds a presentation

Soka Gakkai women have launched meetings celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Women's Division (WD) on June 10. This year, members will meet mostly in small groups. In a message, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda and Mrs. Kaneko Ikeda thanked the women for their dedicated efforts and encouraged them to spend value-filled lives, spiritedly and cheerfully, and with a determination to never be defeated by life's trials and tribulations. They hoped the women would open a path of happiness, success and triumph for their families and communities.

National WD Advisor Ikuyo Sakaguchi attended a meeting in Kunitachi City, Tokyo, on May 10. Yukiko Saito and Mie Kawase gave a presentation and expressed their determination to become protagonists who spread laughter and happiness in their families and communities. Ms. Sakaguchi asked the participants to lead lives free of regret, with pride in their endeavors to share the life-affirming philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism with others.

Seven guests attend this meeting in Yamanashi Prefecture Seven guests attend this meeting in Yamanashi Prefecture

On the same day, national Women's Division Chief Yoko Takayanagi attended a meeting in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo. Following a study presentation, Katsuko Kato gave a testimonial of overcoming difficulties in life through her Buddhist practice with the warm encouragement of fellow members. Ms. Takayanagi expressed appreciation for the women's untiring efforts in SGI activities. Referring to second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda's encouragement, she told them to have confidence that those who struggle the most are qualified to become the happiest.

Seven guests attended the combined meeting of the Dandelion and Lotus Flower Groups in Fujikawa Zone, Yamanashi Prefecture, on May 10. The membership in this area has grown by 20% in the past ten years. Sachie Hirayama shared her challenges of grappling with obstacles, and winning over them by transforming her life. Yaeko Yoda and Maria Cruz read portions of an essay and sang "Flowers Blooming in the Meadows," respectively. Tokyo area WD advisor Asami Mitsui praised the efforts the women, whose contribute and make a difference in their local communities.