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SGI-Brazil's Future Division Celebrates 15 Years

Joyous laughter fills the auditorium as high school students celebrate their springtime of youth
Junior high school musicians join SGI-Brazil's Ikeda Philharmonic Orchestra of Humanism for a combined performance

The SGI-Brazil (BSGI) Future Division, comprising young people from elementary school through high school, celebrated its 15th anniversary on April 8 at the BSGI Culture Center auditorium in São Paulo, Brazil. Some 2,500 members of the various divisions--boys and girls, junior high school and senior high school--met in their respective groups. Future Division Leader Fabio Oda encourage everyone to put study first and challenge to develop their potential, aiming for 2010.

Boys and girls wave at the camera
Boys and girls respond to a question by Fabio Oda

BSG General Director Eduardo Taguchi said it is during youth that one creates a foundation for a life of fortune and happiness. He encouraged them, saying they may encounter many struggles but burning with hope they can develop the indestructible life condition needed to surmount any obstacle in their path. He expressed his fervent hope for them to cultivate themselves into champions of world society.