Back to listApr 15, 2006

SGI-Iceland Becomes a Headquarters

Eyglo Jonsdottir SGI-Iceland HQ Chief

SGI-Iceland recently formed a headquarters with two chapters. The organization held a kick off on April 2 in Reykjavik, the nation's capital. Newly appointed leaders, including Headquarters Chief Eyglo Jonsdottir, gave resolutions. SGI-Europe Chair Hideaki Takahashi and Executive Advisor Shoichi Hasegawa spoke. [Situated next to the North Pole, Iceland is one of the world's northern-most countries. With a population of 290,000, Iceland is ranked 2nd in the world as one of the most livable on the United Nations' 2005 Human Development Index (HDI), a standard means of measuring the country's well-being, especially in child welfare.].

SGI-Iceland members celebrating the growth of their organization