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SGI Women Around the World Gather--USA, Peru and Italy

During February and March SGI-USA women held their annual women's general meetings with a theme of "Myoho Sisterhood--Continuing to Transform the Impossible into the Possible" at 4,200 venues throughout the United States. Some 50,000 women, including guests and young women's division members, held gatherings infused with cheerful discussions.

Crystal Springs District, near San Francisco
A meeting in Kansas City
Downtown Renton District of Seattle Metro Headquarters
Women in Florida
Women in southern Ohio
At a meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

On February 26, in Crystal Springs District, which meets near San Francisco, California, women shared personal experiences and gave presentations on Buddhist concepts, burning with the determination that one can transform the direst of circumstances and accumulate fortune in life. On the same day, two states away in Washington, 30 women of Downtown Renton District, Seattle Metro Headquarters, met to share experiences. The district has grown by 17 members since it was created one year ago. On March 10, women of Victory Chapter in South Ohio Headquarters invited doctors to speak on "Faith and Health" and held lively discussions on the Buddhist concept of the oneness of self and the environment.

From March 31-April 3, women leaders of all ages met for a "Young Women's and Women's Division Conference" at the Florida Nature and Culture Center near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Everyone was inspired by the experiences of women who fulfill numerous roles as students, career women, activists, mothers and wives while participating in SGI activities. A mother and daughter teamed up to present a "relay" experience on how they have been able to transform their lives with the practice of Nichiren Buddhism and establish strong family bonds.

Young Mrs. Group members in Peru

In Peru, the "Young Mrs." Group held a rally on March 12 in Lima, Peru's capital. SGI-Italy women met for a training session in March in Chianciano City in Tuscany Province.

SGI-Italy women meet in Chianciano City in Tuscany Province