Back to listApr 7, 2006

SGI Youth in French Guiana Hold Cultural Event

On March 18, some 120 SGI youth and their friends in French Guiana, South America, commemorated March 16 in a suburb of Cayenne. Bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and situated between Brazil and Suriname, French Guiana, of which 90% is a tropical forest, lies in a tropical belt just north of the equator. The country promotes eco-tourism that supports the protection of the global environment. With a theme of "Youth, The World is Your Kingdom," young people from elementary school age through their twenties performed music, songs and dances, as well as recited poetry. Guests remarked that they were encouraged to see the youth's enthusiasm and inspired by the joyful lives reflecting their determination to live for justice and humanism founded on Nichiren Buddhism.

SGI youth in French Guiana celebrate March 16