Back to listApr 5, 2006

SGI Members in Africa Celebrate March 16

SGI youth in Africa joined other young people around the world to commemorate March 16, 1958, a day epitomizing youth awakening to their profound individual mission for creating lasting peace.

In Kenya, located in eastern Africa, some 30 young people, including six guests, attended a commemorative event on March 12 in Nairobi, capital of Kenya. Young members shared experiences of practicing Nichiren Buddhism and watched Another Way of Seeing Things, a short film challenging media stereotyping based on an essay of the same title from Daisaku Ikeda's book The World is Yours to Change.

SGI-Kenya youth

Youth in Tanzania met on the same day in Dar es Salaam, the capital. Those gathered shared experiences of showing actual proof of their Buddhist practice at their workplace and in society. Members in Madagascar, situated in the Indian Ocean, met on March 12 in Majunga city for animated discussions on how youth can work for peace, beginning in their local community.

SGI-Tanzania youth
SGI-Madagascar youth