Back to listMar 24, 2006

European Academy of Sciences and Arts President Felix Unger Speaks on Future of Medicine and Humanity

On March 23, European Academy of Sciences and Arts President and a world-renowned cardiologist Felix Unger lectured on "Medicine and the Future of Mankind" at an Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP) symposium held at the Nihon Seinenkan in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. This is also the topic of a serialized dialogue between Dr. Unger and SGI President Daisaku Ikeda currently appearing in the IOP's journal. Dr. Unger reported on dynamic advances in the medical field, represented by genetic engineering that has spurred the development of medical technology. While on one hand such advances have benefited humans by extending our average life-span, there have also been controversial life issues such as prenatal diagnoses that lead to the option of aborting a fetus in case of genetic abnormalities or gender selection and terminally ill patients who choose to end their lives through euthansia. Dr. Unger expressed alarm at prevailing attitudes that underlie technological advances in medicine in which patients have been dehumanized as mere objects of medical treatment. He emphasized the importance of holistic care of patients as human beings with souls and emotions. Dr. Unger strongly upheld that medicine must serve people and not the other way around.