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Soka Gakkai Agriculture and Fisheries Division Members Gather throughout Japan

Recent agriculture rally

On February 18-19, 2006, members of the Soka Gakkai Agriculture and Fisheries Division gathered for an annual conference in their respective prefectures. At each venue, the ninth Agriculture and Fisheries Renaissance Rally was broadcast via satellite. Three representatives gave progress reports on their particular business.

Nobuaki Omori, Miyazaki Prefecture, together with his family, manages Japan's largest domestic eel farm. When his family's business experienced a downturn because of poor eel fry catches, Mr. Omori decided to joint the business help his parents, in appreciation for their efforts in raising him. Actualizing the motto of "Sincerity, Safety and Excellence in Quality," Mr. Omori increased sales and presently serves as chair of the Eel Producers' Association in Miyazaki Prefecture. Fuji Arakita of Iwate Prefecture, whose parents emigrated to Japan after World War II, overcame many hardships using her practice of Nichiren Buddhism. The family took up farming with a determination to become a "lighthouse" in the community through developing friendship and trust. She reported that the rice, vegetables and flowers her family produces have gained great popularity among customers. Akira Sawano, sake brewer in Chiba Prefecture, was totally inexperienced in the trade when he was bequeathed a sake brewery from his father-in-law 30 years ago. Encouraged by local Soka Gakkai members, he began studying the basics of sake brewing and cultivated his skills. As a result of his dedicated efforts, master sake brewers of the Nanbu Toji Guild awarded top honors to a new sake brand he produced.

Akira Sawano sake brewer
Fuji Arakita produce farmer
Nobuaki Omori eel farmer