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Fourth SGI-European Summit Held at SGI European Center in France

SGI representatives from 28 European countries participated in the fourth SGI-European Summit from January 12 through 15, 2006, at the SGI European Center in Trets, southern France. SGI President Daisaku Ikeda sent a congratulatory message, in which he encouraged participants to lead victorious lives based on harmonious unity infused with the spirit of "many in body and one in mind," toward the next 50 and 100 years. Attendees included SGI General Director Yoshitaka Ohba and SGI Women's Chief Kayoko Asano, who are currently visiting Europe.

Participants at the recent SGI-European Summit January 12-15, 2006

At the summit, Hideaki Takahashi was introduced as the new SGI-Europe chair. The former chair Shoichi Hasegawa will serve as advisor to SGI-Europe. Newly appointed SGI-Europe vice chairs are: SGI-Italy General Director Tamotsu Nakajima; SGI-France General Director Frédéric Chiba; SGI-UK General Director Robert Samuels; SGI-Germany Vice Joint Headquarters Leader Matthias Grõninger; SGI-Denmark General Director Jan Møller; and SGI-Austria General Director Yoshio Nakamura. SGI-Spain Secretariat Shinji Shimizu was appointed SGI-Europe vice secretariat. Three new SGI-Europe vice women chairs were introduced: SGI-Italy Women's Division (WD) Chief Asa Nakajima; SGI-Netherlands WD Chief Mieke Iwami; and SGI-Austria WD Chief Louise Shimizu.