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Bharat (India) Soka Gakkai and SGI-Mexico Hold Study Examination, Respectively; SGI-Philippines Studies "Orally Transmitted Teachings"; SGI-USA Launches Buddhist Learning Review

On November 13, Bharat (India) Soka Gakkai held an entrance-level study examination at 72 locations in 56 cities throughout the country. Every year, the number of examinees has increased steadily. This year, some 6,500 members challenged the exam. The study material included: "Reply to Kyo'o" (The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, p. 412-413) from Nichiren's writings; Nichiren's life; basic terms and concepts of Nichiren Buddhism; and Soka Gakkai's history. In Mexico, on November 27, 119 SGI-Mexico members sat for a beginning-level study examination at nine venues throughout the country.

A proctor assists an examinee
An examinee reviews his answers following the exam
SGI-Philippines members study The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings with Mr. Takimoto

In the Philippines, SGI-Philippines Advisor Yasunori Takimoto led a study of The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings for SGI-Philippines student division members, at the SGI-Philippines Culture Center, on November 28. The lecture series has helped members develop a solid foundation in their understanding of the life philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism.

SGI-USA concluded its first ever Buddhist learning developed for members to deepen their understanding of Nichiren Buddhism. The review, available in eight languages, was designed for small groups to encourage free and open discussions on Nichiren Buddhism. The review booklet contains a 40-minute self-test that can be used as discussion material. Some 30,000 SGI-USA members participated in the first review in October and November throughout the country. Members began preparing for the review in early summer 2005.