Back to listOct 5, 2005

SGI-Thailand Youth Hold Southeast Asia Exchange; SGI-USA Youth Hold General Meeting in Los Angeles, California

Youth from five Southeast Asian countries attend friendship meeting

SGI Southeast Asia youth held a friendship exchange session in Bangkok, Thailand, from September 23-25, 2005. The event followed exchanges between Singapore Soka Association (SSA) and SGI-Thailand in November 2004 and May 2005, and aimed to unite the SGI youth of the Southeast Asian countries. At the recent event, youth from three other nearby countries joined SGI-Thailand and SSA youth to discuss topics such as global citizenship and humanism. Local Thai members welcomed the group with music and dance performances. The youth were able to share their hopes and dreams and inspire each other to continue challenging their own growth. Each member made a fresh resolve to work together for peace in Asia, with the spirit of "many in body and one in mind."

SGI-USA youth at their general meeting

SGI-USA Pacific Zone youth held a general meeting on September 24 at the SGI-USA World Culture Center in Santa Monica, California, USA. The newly-created official SGI-USA youth banner was presented. Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County youth presented hip hop songs and dances. Youth Division Chief Steve Mortan and young women's representative Christina Barrios reported on the recent SGI youth training session in Japan. SGI-USA General Director Daniel Nagashima thanked those volunteering for emergency relief activities assisting victims of Hurricane Katrina that struck USA's Gulf Coast, as well as expressed hopes for the youth's growth and development as successors who will shoulder responsibility for a new era. The 1,200 youth pledged to work together for the cause of world peace and harmony.