Back to listJul 7, 2005

SGI Members in Mauritius Start Afresh

SGI-Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures--members have African, European, Asian, Indian and Arab backgrounds

On June 28, in the island country of Mauritius located east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, SGI-Mauritius members gathered for their chapter meeting in a suburb of Port Louis, the country's capital. SGI President Daisaku Ikeda sent a congratulatory message and SGI-Africa Chief Tadashi Minai and SGI-Africa Advisor Takemi Sugai from France attended. New national leaders for the women's, young men's and young women's divisions were appointed. Participants also celebrated the organization's growth. SGI-Mauritius is now one chapter with five districts. Since the chapter's establishment in 1996, SGI-Mauritius members have engaged in grassroots dialogues and deepened friendships in their communities, based on their practice and the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism.

SGI-Mauritius leaders:.

George Rivet General Director
Delores Ramjee Women's Leader
Lisette Mamode Vice Women's Leader
Doris Ah Lee Women's Secretariat
Soondiren Canee Young Men's Leader
Cathy Perle Young Women's Leader
Hema Devi Mathuvirin Vice Young Women's Leader