Back to listJun 22, 2005

SGI-Europe Youth Representatives from 30 Countries Will Gather for General Meeting in July

SGI representatives from 30 European countries will gather for a general meeting on July 6, at the SGI European Center in Trets, southern France. The gathering commemorates the SGI's 30th anniversary as well as the 30th anniversary of the SGI European Center. Earlier this year, SGI-Europe established the SGI-Europe Youth Committee (EYC), with a vision to create a peaceful society in Europe through the power of youth, based on the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism. The EYC leaders are as follows: Chair--Bertrand Rossignol (SGI-France Youth Division Chief); Secretariat: Novouo Chiba (SGI-France Young Men's Division Chief); and five Vice Chairs: Fiona Harrow (SGI-UK Youth Division Chief), Martin Weers (SGI-Germany Youth Division Chief), Christian Pavlovsky (SGI-Austria Young Men's Division Chief), Tamiko Kaneda (SGI-Italy Young Women's Division Chief), and Aud Digernes (SGI-Norway Youth Division Chief).

In preparation for the July event, on June 9-12, the SGI-UK youth division held a leaders' conference in a suburb of Birmingham, UK. Participants studied portions of Nichiren's writings, including "The Opening of the Eyes," and deepened their resolve to work for people's happiness and peace in society.

Bertrand Rossignol EYC Chair
Fiona Harrow Vice EYC Chair
Martin Weers Vice EYC Chair
Novouo Chiba EYC Secretariat
Christian Pavlosky Vice EYC Chair
Tamiko Kaneda Vice EYC Chair
Aud Digernes Vice EYC Chair