Back to listJun 19, 2005

SGI-Sri Lanka Women Hold Second General Meeting

On June 12, SGI-Sri Lanka women held their second general meeting at their center in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Six months ago a devastating tsunami struck 250 kilometers southeast of Sumatra Island, Indonesia and left tens of thousands dead in Sri Lanka. Since then, the SGI-Sri Lanka women have worked hard at rebuilding their society and have spread hope and friendship in their local communities. Some 150 women, one third of them non-member friends, met to share activity reports and personal experiences of applying Nichiren Buddhism and engaging in bodhisattva practices in their daily lives. In a message, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda assured them that their gathering was "indeed symbolic of peace, founded upon bonds of genuine friendship." He encouraged each participant to become the sun of hope in her family and society.

SGI-Sri Lanka women and their friends at recent general meeting