Back to listJun 16, 2005

SGI Women in Nepal, Paraguay and the Philippines Commemorate Women's Division Day

SGI-Nepal women celebrate Women's Division day

SGI women throughout the world are celebrating June 10, Women's Division (WD) Day, in their respective countries and locales. In Nepal, SGI members gathered on June 11 at the SGI-Nepal Peace Center in Kathmandu for their ninth commemorative meeting. Some 200, including 70 WD members, attended. SGI President Daisaku Ikeda sent a congratulatory message, commending the women for their joyful gathering as "symbolic of peace, founded upon bonds of genuine friendship." Representatives shared their experiences of practicing Nichiren Buddhism. Nepal SGI Women's Division Chief Beema Singh introduced excerpts from Mrs. Kaneko Ikeda's memoirs. SGI-Nepal General Director Sahana Shrestha called on women to become suns of hope for their families and society at large.

SGI-Paraguay women take commemorative photo
SGI-Philippine women engage in grassroots exchanges

On May 22, SGI-Paraguay's women's and young women's divisions members met together at their center in Asunción, Paraguay. Participants studied portions of Nichiren's writings that elucidate that one is able to attain Buddahood, or enlightenment, during one's lifetime.

In the Philippines, SGI women gathered for a grassroots friendship meeting at 366 venues throughout the country, to commemorate WD Day and SGI-Philippines WD Day (May 10). A total of 14,000 women, including some 9,600 friends, attended. Some 100 newly joined the SGI. On May 29, the Golden Fortune Group of Binondo Chapter met in Kawayan City, in the northeastern part of Luzon Island. Some 60 friends attended. Local SGI-Philippines WD leaders encouraged the participants, emphasizing that Nichiren Buddhism teaches that chanting "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo" creates wisdom, compassion and positive energy, enabling one to transform sufferings into a catalyst for development and happiness.