Back to listMay 21, 2005

100,000 Youth Participate in SGI-Korea's Youth Festival

A parade of flags of countries worldwide

On May 15, SGI-Korea (KSGI) youth hosted a festival expressing pride in their home country, at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. Some 100,000 KSGI youth division members and their friends gathered from throughout the country. Approximately 1,000 guests attended. Yonhap News Agency's Northeast Asia Center; the Federation of Artistic and Cultural Organization of Korea; and Save the Children, a global non-governmental organization, supported the event.

"Samulnori" performers
South Korea's "future hope"

Titled "Departure," Part One began with 800 youth creating patterns across the field performing "Samulnori," a Korean cadence comprising kwaengwari, jing, janggu, and bukfour, traditional percussion instruments embodying the lively spirit of the Korean people. KSGI's marching band and colorguard also performed. In Part Two, titled "Peace," a colossal flag emblazoned with the festival's emblem of the festival covered the field while participants marched holding flags of all nations. In Sooni, South Korea's renowned pop, jazz and gospel singer, and a popular female vocal group, Jewelry, staged a dynamic show during "Hope," Part Three of the festival. Another music group, Seulgidoong, which specializes in traditional Korean chamber music blended with modern genres, also presented a splendid performance. The event closed with everyone singing the festival's original theme song.