Back to listMay 16, 2005

SGI-Uruguay Appoints New National Leaders

SGI-Uruguay members at recent meeting

SGI-Uruguay introduced new national leaders at a leaders' meeting at their culture center in Montevideo on April 17. Newly appointed are: SGI-Uruguay General Director Hiroyuki Kaetsu; Women's Division Chief Pilar Ortíz; Young Men's Division Chief Ubaldo Rodríguez; and Young Women's Chief Silvia Gómez. Former General Director Tadashi Tanaka was appointed SGI-Uruguay advisor. SGI-Uruguay grew into three headquarters and 11 chapters, from one headquarters and nine chapters.

Hiroyuki Kaetsu SGI-Uruguay General Director
Pilar Ortíz; SGI-Uruguay Women's Division Chief
Ubaldo Rodríguez; SGI-Uruguay Young Men's Division Chief
Silvia Gómez SGI-Uruguay Young Women's Chief