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SGI-Ghana Makes Great Strides

SGI-Ghana men are gaining trust as pillars of society

On April 10, SGI-Ghana held a national leaders' meeting at the SGI-Ghana cener in Accra, Ghana. Representatives from throughout Ghana and leaders from SGI-Côte d'Ivoire, SGI-Togo and SGI-Benin attended. In a message, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda congratulated the members for their gathering and stated that when one individual, challenges to transform his or her life through an inner-directed reformation with a sense of mission for global society, a fresh momentum for world peace is created. He asked SGI-Ghana members to stand up as front runners in the 21st century, which he calls "The Century of Africa." Since 2004, the members have focused on holding regular discussion meetings in their respective locales. They have endeavored to foster capable people and cherish each member, based on sincere dialogue. Following an announcement that the organization has grown to one headquarters and 15 chapters, newly appointed leaders were introduced and the youth sang a lively song.

SGI-Ghana Women's Division Chief Abla Kormega emphasized that the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism is a ray of hope for challenging and overcoming the many serious problems African society faces today. She said Ghana members have been able to transform "hope" into reality through their own efforts. SGI-Ghana General Director Bobson M. Godonu asked the participants to further strengthen their solidarity of happiness and beautiful friendship. He stated that it was their mission, as practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism, to struggle against all forces that attempt to drag human beings toward unhappiness. SGI-Africa Chief Tadashi Minai called on everyone to make the meeting a departure toward fresh victories in life.

SGI-Ghana boys and girls
SGI-Ghana women

Visiting leaders from nearby countries also spoke. SGI-Côte d'Ivoire Women's Division Chief Martine Deazon shared that the members in her country have challenged to win through their faith in the midst of internal strife and urged everyone to advance together with prayer and actions founded on the spirit of many in body, one in mind. SGI-Togo General Director Ida Gbodossou-Adjevi said the future is in the hands of the youth. He hoped to work together with SGI-Ghana members to wage a struggle of justice and truth. SGI-Benin leader Latif Moouse said the Benin members are challenging to create waves of humanism through their regular discussion meetings.

450 representatives gather at recent leaders' meeting