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SGI Youth in Africa Socially-Engaged in Their Respective Communities

SGI-Zambia members of Lion King and Sun Chapters

For the past six years, SGI-Zambia members have participated in the national Youth Day celebrations. On March 12, 2004, Zambians celebrated the event in Zambia's capital, Lusaka. SGI-Zambia youth, whose membership doubled in the past several years, participated in the parade, which was attended by President Levy Mwanawasa and various dignitaries. The youth are active in various fields, such as medicine, media, education, and government. In January 2005, SGI-Zambia members sat for study examinations on basic principles of Nichiren Buddhism and Nichiren's writings.

SGI-Zambia youth participate in annual Youth Day parade
SGI-South Africa's youth spearheaded the recent Buddhist seminar, replete with philosophy, experiences and intense discussions on the wisdom of Nichiren Buddhism

On March 13, SGI-South Africa members, led by the youth, hosted a one day Buddhist seminar titled "The Life of a Lion," in Johannesburg, South Africa. Many guests participated in various group discussions on topics such as the history of Buddhism and "How Do We Achieve Happiness?" The animated mini-meetings drew enthusiastic responses from participants, and the newcomers expressed interest in learning more about Nichiren Buddhism and its practice.

SGI-Nigeria members celebrate March 16 in Lagos, Nigeria

SGI-Cameroon members held 110 discussion meetings at 100 venues during the month preceding March 16, a day on which SGI youth refresh their resolve to positively contribute to society and world peace. Discussion topics included "Purpose of Religion," "What is True Happiness?" and "Transforming Karma and the Philosophy of Human Revolution." Six hundred members and 700 guests participated. Guests said they concurred with the SGI's ideals, based on respect for all life taught in Nichiren Buddhism. A Quiet Revolution, a film about individuals taking charge to protect and heal the natural environment, sponsored by the SGI and produced by the Earth Council in collaboration with UN bodies, was shown at the University of Douala in Douala city.

Many guests participated in dialogues covering Buddhism and the meaning of happiness.
SGI-Uganda members celebrate March 16 in Uganda's capital, Kampala