Back to listMar 31, 2005

SGI-Thailand Commemorates SGI's 30th Anniversary with Youth Music Festival

On March 26 and 27, SGI-Thailand celebrated the SGI's 30th anniversary with a Youth Peace and Culture Festival at a stadium on the Thammasat University campus in a Bangkok suburb. Permanent Secretary of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administrative Office Ms. Ying Nathanon Thavisin and other guests from various sectors of Thai society, together with some 20,000 local residents, enjoyed the show. Members from neighboring country Laos were among the performers. Exchange members from Singapore and Cambodia also attended.

Golden Thai Dancers perform a Lotus blossom dance
Laotian dancer

The theme of the gala, "Peace by One, Peace for All," encapsulated the determination of each SGI-Thailand member to become a courageous protagonist who contributes to world peace, just like the Chao Phraya (River of Kings) originated with a single trickle of water. The show began with tragic scenes of war depicted on a giant backdrop screen. A lone dancer then took the floor and was eventually followed by a groundswell of dancers depicting waves of peace unfurling across the stage. The respective performances by dancers, chorus, boys and girls, young men's brass band, gymnasts and young women's fife-and-drum corps created a spectacular, richly hued stage.

Women's chorus share their heart of peace through their song
Boys and girls express their hope for a bright tomorrow

The performers, who gathered from throughout the country, had only three days to rehearse together. This was a dramatic feat, especially for the gymnasts, who successfully built a four-story human tower, and the modern dancers, who depicted various symbols and characters through intricate formations.

Expressing his wholehearted support of the show's theme, Maejo University President Dr. Thep Phongparnich said he was confident that the SGI-Thailand youth, with their passion and determination, would positively transform society.

SGI-Thailand brass band sound a fanfare heralding the dawn of an age of truth and justice
Many current fife-and-drum corps members are second generation--their mothers pioneered the original corps

Among the participants, one individual works for an NGO that aims to eradicate AIDS. Others are involved in literacy campaigns through UN organizations, and still others are part of volunteer youth groups that provide support and guidance to indigenous peoples living in remote mountain villages. Everyone is actively engaged in his or her respective arena, challenging to make a difference in society.

Permanent Secretary Nathanon was so inspired, she ran to the performers after the finale and took the mike, saying: "I definitely sensed peace and hope within each performer. You are the heroes and heroines who will succeed the heart of peace... I want to share this inspiration with the whole wide world! Today, I witnessed your growth, and the manifestation of your "human revolution." The arena was abloom with the beautiful hearts of orchids and lotus blossoms."

The grand finale--amid a swirling burst of vivid hues, performers and audience alike proclaim "Peace by One, Peace for All"