Back to listMar 8, 2005

SGI-Slovenia Officially Registered

Jasmina Una Tumpej SGI-Slovenia General Director
Miha Cebulj SGI-Slovenia Vice General Director

SGI-Slovenia, of the former Yugoslavia, was recently officially registered as a cultural organization in Slovenia. Chapter Chief Jasmina Una Tumpej was appointed SGI-Slovenia's first general director, and Miha Cebulj was appointed vice general director. Since the establishment of SGI-Slovenia Chapter in May 2001, SGI members have advanced together, showing actual proof of their Buddhist practice. In January 2005, the SGI's "World Boys and Girls Art Exhibition" opened at Cankarjev Dom, the country's largest congress and cultural center in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital. Over 2,000 local residents visited the exhibition, which displayed some 147 paintings and drawings submitted by children from 100 countries and regions. General Director Tumpej hopes to further engage in grassroots educational and cultural activities, based on the humanistic philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism, for the sake of peace and happiness of the Slovenian people.

SGI-Slovenia members