Back to listMar 6, 2005

Soka Gakkai Farmers in Fukushima Hold Experience Rally

"Agricultural Renaissance Rally" in Otama Village, Fukushima Prefecture

On March 5, members of the Soka Gakkai Agriculture Division in Fukushima Prefecture held an "Agricultural Renaissance Rally" at the Agriculture and Environment Improvement Center in Otama Village, Fukushima Prefecture. Local farmer Masahiro Takeda told how he contributed to agriculture in his local community with an awareness that losing sight of farming is akin to losing sight of his own roots. Misao and Norie Yanagida, dairy farmers from Koriyama City, reported on receiving an award of excellence for the milk produced by their dairy cows. Yoshihiko Watabe of Kawahigashi Town reported on a new strain of rice he is challenging to cultivate. One guest praised the rally saying that the experience rally was valuable for providing ideas essential for inspiring a renaissance of hope, in the severe circumstances farmers face today.

Prior to the rally, participants viewed the 7th "Nature and Humans" photography exhibition, at the same venue.