Back to listFeb 24, 2005

SGI-Mexico's Young Men's Brass Band and Young Women's Fife-and-Drum Corps Introduced on Local Radio Program

On February 10, SGI-Mexico representatives, headed by Youth Division Chief Daisuke Inoue, appeared on "Universo Digital," a radio program linked to the Internet, to talk about the activities of SGI-Mexico's young men's brass band and young women's fife-and-drum corps. During the show, the youth talked about the bands' purpose and mission to promote peace through music. which has no boundaries, with a belief that peace spreads when cultures flourish. The members also read poetry SGI President Daisaku Ikeda had penned about the groups. Program Coordinator Ignacio Arellano, who participated in a public lecture the SGI-Mexico youth had sponsored in December 2004, had been impressed by the SGI's ideals. At his invitation, SGI-Mexico members have appeared six times on Universo Digital to introduce listeners to the SGI's socially engaged activities.

SGI-Mexico Youth Division Chief Daisuke Inoue (left) appears on "Universo Digital" to talk about the youth bands and their mission of promoting peace through music
"Friendship is the Harmony of Life" music show

Also, on February 13, the SGI-Mexico youth hosted a show titled "Friendship is the Harmony of Life." Some 270 members and their friends attended the musical performance, which included passionate numbers by the brass band and fife-and-drum corps, flute recital, dance and Japanese koto.