Back to listFeb 15, 2005

Soka Gakkai Education Department Hosts Lecture by Future President of the Newly Established Tokyo Metropolitan University

Dr. Nishizawa speaks about an ideal education that promotes creative thinking

On February 13, the Soka Gakkai Education Department hosted a public lecture at the Sendai International Center in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. This was the first installment of the Education Department's new lecture series commemorating the 75th anniversary of Soka kyoikugaku taikei (The System of Value-Creating Pedagogy), conceived by educator and first Soka Gakkai president Tsunesaburo Makiguchi. The conference was cohosted by the Soka Gakkai Tohoku Youth Peace Conference and supported by the Makiguchi Foundation for Education. Iwate Prefectural University President Junichi Nishizawa, soon to be installed as the first president of the newly-established Tokyo Metropolitan University, spoke about a society dedicated to education. Declaring that the rise and fall of a country depends on the country's educational system, Dr. Nishizawa emphasized the importance of fostering capable people. Pointing to the problems of contemporary standardized education that enforces conformity, Dr. Nishizawa expressed concurrence with Soka education, which aims at building a society for the sake of education and that leads to a revolution in creative thinking. [Dr. Nishizawa will assume the presidency of the newly established Tokyo Metropolitan University in April 2005.]