Back to listFeb 3, 2005

SGI Members Around the World Celebrate SGI Day

SGI-Sweden members

In January, SGI members around the world celebrated SGI's 30th anniversary in their respective locales. SGI-Australia members met on January 26 in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. SGI-New Zealand members gathered at the SGI-New Zealand Culture Center in Auckland, as well as in Wellington and Christchurch. SGI-Europe Chair Shoichi Hasegawa attended a gathering of SGI-Sweden on January 22 in Göteborg, the second largest city in Sweden. In Latin America, SGI members in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. SGI-Brazil held a leaders' meeting on January 16 at the SGI-Brazil Nature and Culture Center in a São Paulo suburb. Some 1,000 representatives attended from throughout Brazil and discussed activities for 2005.

SGI-Australia members
SGI-Brazil members