Back to listJan 22, 2005

SGI Members Celebrate New Year's Day and SGI's 30th Anniversary

SGI-Panama members meet at their center in Panama City

In Panama, some 1,700 SGI members met on January 1 at seven locations throughout the country, celebrating the New Year and the SGI's 30th anniversary. Some 1,000 members gathered at the SGI-Panama Culture Center in Panama. SGI-Panama General Director Gabriel Martínez encouraged everyone to further advance in unity.

On January 1, SGI-Canada No.1 Central Zone members met for a New Year's Prayer Meeting at the SGI-Canada Culture Center in Toronto. SGI-Canada's Niagara Chorus and Chinese chorus group performed. In Australia, some 550 members met at the SGI-Australia Culture Center in Sydney. SGI-Australia General Director Hans van der Bent called on everyone to advance with a youthful spirit and deepen friendships in their communities.