Back to listJan 14, 2005

Soka Gakkai Women Hold Grassroots Meetings Nationwide

Soka Gakkai WD Chief Yoko Takayanagi leads a meeting in Machida City, Tokyo

Soka Gakkai women are meeting in small groups throughout Japan during January for their annual general meetings. Commemorating Soka Gakkai's 75th anniversary, the meetings will stress nurturing friendships in the community, social activism, and raising awareness of women's roles in creating a society that empowers individuals, enabling people to lead hopeful and happy lives. Women's Division (WD) Chief Yoko Takayanagi and other national women's division leaders have already begun attending meetings across Japan.

On January 13, Women's Division Chief Yoko Takayanagi attended a group meeting of Hisamori group of Kofuku (happiness) Chapter, in Machida City, Tokyo. A representative shared her experience of practicing Nichiren Buddhism. Group leader Yukari Hisamatsu introduced SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's contributions to Sino-Japan friendship. She shared her joy in contributing to her community and society as a whole. Ms. Takayanagi encouraged everyone to further develop friendship for peace and happiness of their communities. On the same day, WD Advisor Ikuyo Sakaguchi attended a group group meeting in Minowabashi Chapter, in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo. Many local residents, including Chieko Matsuda, Minami-senju 1-chome town association chief, attended. Ms. Sakaguchi stated that genuine joy of living can be found in dedicating oneself for the sake of others' happiness. WD Secretariat Asami Mitsui attended a meeting in Kamihongo-higashi Chapter, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture. Yoko Takahashi, group leader, reported on participating in a community service telling stories to children.