Back to listJan 7, 2005

SGI-Spain Starts Afresh with New Leaders

SGI-Spain members greet the New Year on January 1 at their Barcelona center

SGI-Spain recently appointed new leaders. They are: Luisa Gonzalez, women's division (WD) chief; Masako Koshiishi and Rosa Maria Alvarez, vice WD chiefs; Catherine Rocher, WD secretariat; Juan Garcia Ito, youth division (YD) chief; Pablo Juares, young men's division (YMD) chief; and Motomi Yamada, young women's division (YWD) chief. During a New Year's gathering on January 1 at SGI-Spain Culture Center in Madrid, Ms. Gonzalez and Mr. Ito, representing the women and youth, respectively, expressed their resolve.

Luisa Gonzalez WD Chief
Masako Koshiishi Vice WD Chief
Rosa Maria Alvarez Vice WD Chief
Catherine Rocher WD Secretariat
Juan Garcia Ito YD Chief
Motomi Yamada YWD Chief
Pablo Juares YMD Chief