• Dec 25

    SGI Members in Thailand Respond in Aftermath of Floods

  • Dec 25

    Buddhist Study Exams Held in Korea and Malaysia

  • Dec 11

    Hong Kong and Macau SGI Members Take Buddhist Study Exam

  • Dec 10

    SGI Members in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sri Lanka Celebrate 50th Anniversary

  • Nov 27

    Lotus Sutra Exhibition Shown in London

  • Nov 26

    Founding of SGI-Poland Celebrated

  • Nov 20

    SGI Members Across Europe Take Buddhist Exams

  • Nov 20

    SGI-Mexico, Chile and Panama Celebrate Soka Gakkai's Founding

  • Nov 10

    Soka Youth Festivals in Full Swing Throughout Japan

  • Nov 5

    Conference on Buddhism Held in Catalonia

  • Nov 5

    Soka Gakkai Headquarters Leaders Meeting and SGI General Meeting Held

  • Oct 23

    SGI-Canada Youth Take Buddhist Study Exam

  • Oct 22

    SGI Europe Anniversary Celebrated in Italy and Denmark

  • Oct 22

    European Members Celebrate 50th Anniversary

  • Oct 19

    The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin Published in French

  • Oct 17

    New Centers Open in Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands

  • Oct 16

    SGI Youth from West Africa Attend Training Course in Togo

  • Oct 9

    Fall Seminar Held in the Czech Republic

  • Oct 2

    Celebrating SGI's World Peace Day

  • Oct 2

    Buddhist Study Exams in Japan, Brazil, Taiwan

  • Sep 17

    SGI-Russia Celebrates Anniversary of SGI President Ikeda's First Visit

  • Sep 11

    SGI Youth Participate in Exchange Meetings in Japan

  • Sep 4

    Bharat Soka Gakkai Members Take Buddhist Study Exam

  • Sep 1

    SGI Ireland Summer Course

  • Aug 28

    SGI Leaders Attend North America and Oceania Study Conference

  • Aug 28

    SGI Celebrates Men's Division Day Around the World

  • Aug 27

    SGI Men Strengthen Commitment to Promoting Peace

  • Aug 13

    New SGI Center Opens in Melbourne, Australia

  • Jul 31

    Anniversary of Soka Gakkai Youth Groups Celebrated in Uruguay

  • Jul 31

    A Celebration of Women in the Netherlands

  • Jul 24

    Anniversary of Soka Youth Groups Celebrated in Paraguay

  • Jul 18

    Study Lecture on Nichiren Buddhism Held in UK

  • Jul 17

    SGI-Cambodia Youth Hold Meetings

  • Jul 17

    Lectures on Nichiren Buddhism in Milan, Italy

  • Jul 16

    New SGI Center Opens in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

  • Jul 9

    Monthly Soka Gakkai Leaders Meeting Celebrates Youth and Tohoku

  • Jul 3

    SGI-Chile Celebrates the Month of July

  • Jul 3

    Tohoku Youth Division General Meeting Held in Miyagi Prefecture

  • Jun 26

    Student Group Meetings Held Across Canada

  • Jun 26

    SGI-Uruguay Women Hold Leaders Meeting

  • Jun 26

    Exchange Meeting Held in Haiti

  • Jun 26

    Fukushima Members Attend Prayer Meetings, "Phoenix Rallies"

  • Jun 19

    SGI Members in Singapore Participate in Buddhist Study Exams

  • Jun 19

    Founding of Soka Gakkai Women's Division Celebrated Worldwide

  • Jun 18

    15th Anniversary of SGI-USA Florida Nature and Culture Center Celebrated

  • Jun 15

    Chinese and Spanish SGI Websites Renewed

  • Jun 13

    SGI Women Hold Commemorative Meetings Throughout the World

  • Jun 5

    Founding of Soka Gakkai Women's Group Celebrated in June

  • May 29

    SGI-USA Holds Youth Meeting and Japan-America Student Friendship Exchange

  • May 22

    Lotus Sutra Exhibition Held in Sri Lanka

  • May 22

    Study Sessions on Nichiren's Writings in Malaysia and Thailand

  • May 9

    Members in Dominican Republic, Fiji and Uganda Celebrate May 3

  • May 9

    60th Anniversary of Seikyo Shimbun Newspaper

  • May 8

    Bharat Soka Gakkai Holds District General Meetings

  • May 7

    SGI-UK Women Members Hold Spring Training Course

  • May 1

    SGI Commemorates Soka Gakkai Day and Soka Gakkai Mother's Day

  • Apr 29

    Soka Gakkai Holds Memorial Services for March 11 Victims

  • Apr 29

    Soka Gakkai Day Celebrated at Monthly Leaders Meeting

  • Apr 27

    Soka Gakkai Publishes Lotus Sutra Manuscript Series 11

  • Apr 26

    SGI YouTube Channel “SGI Videos Online” Launched

  • Apr 25

    Study Sessions on Nichiren Buddhism Held in Brazil and Argentina

  • Apr 23

    Lotus Sutra Exhibition Shown in Brazil

  • Apr 10

    SGI-Europe Youth Members Commemorate 50th Anniversary

  • Apr 3

    New SGI Center Opens in Oregon, USA

  • Apr 2

    SGI-Cameroon Holds Buddhist Study Sessions

  • Apr 2

    Fukushima Members Hold Onto Hope Despite Evacuation

  • Mar 31

    SGI President Publishes New Series of Gosho Commentaries

  • Mar 27

    New Zealand Members Pray for Christchurch and Tohoku Quake Victims

  • Mar 21

    Soka Gakkai Conducts Spring Equinox Memorial Prayers

  • Mar 20

    SGI-Spain Kicks off 50th Anniversary Celebrations

  • Mar 16

    Relief Efforts Continue in Japan, SGI Members Hold Prayer Meetings, SGI President's March 16 Message

  • Mar 7

    High School Students in Iceland Learn About Buddhism

  • Mar 6

    SGI-Chile Anniversary Commemorated

  • Feb 28

    Discussion Meetings in SGI-Italy

  • Feb 27

    Bharat Soka Gakkai Holds Study Sessions

  • Feb 26

    Soka Gakkai Holds Monthly Leaders Meeting in Tokyo

  • Feb 16

    Anniversary of Nichiren's Birth Celebrated

  • Feb 13

    SGI-Dominican Republic Holds Commemorative Meeting

  • Feb 13

    SGI Europe Youth Take Initiative for World Peace

  • Feb 9

    SGI-Thailand Leaders Commemorate 50th Anniversary

  • Feb 5

    Representatives from IOP Attend Seminar on Buddhist Scholar Kumārajīva

  • Jan 31

    Founding of SGI Commemorated in Micronesia

  • Jan 26

    SGI's Founding Commemorated with Prayer Services

  • Jan 24

    SGI Members from the Americas Study Nichiren's Writings

  • Jan 17

    Soka Gakkai Holds Memorial Services for Victims of the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake

  • Jan 16

    Bharat (India) Soka Gakkai Unveils World Peace Monument

  • Jan 16

    SGI-Europe Leaders hold Summit Meeting in Trets, France

  • Jan 16

    SGI Members Kickoff 2011 Activities in Philippines and Bolivia

  • Jan 8

    Soka Gakkai Holds First Monthly Leaders Meeting of 2011 in Japan

  • Jan 2

    SGI Africa Members Celebrate the New Year

  • Jan 2

    SGI Members Around the World Celebrate the New Year

  • Jan 2

    Members in Japan Celebrate Start of 2011