• Dec 21

    Greek Edition of Burton Watson's The Lotus Sutra Published

  • Dec 19

    SGI-Macau and SGI-Hong Kong Celebrate 40th and 45th Anniversaries

  • Dec 17

    SGI-Hong Kong, SGI-Macau and SGI-Malaysia Hold Buddhist Study Examinations

  • Dec 16

    SGI-Korea Young Men Participate in Training Session on Cheju Island

  • Dec 10

    Bharat (India) Soka Gakkai Holds 32nd General Meeting

  • Dec 10

    Youth Support Groups Meet in Italy and Belgium

  • Dec 10

    SGI-Paraguay Celebrates 45th Anniversary

  • Dec 9

    SGI-Nepal Holds 12th General Meeting

  • Dec 7

    SGI-USA Conducts Memorial Service at Site of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks in New York

  • Dec 7

    SGI-Argentina and SGI-Taiwan Hold Entrance-Level Study Exams on Nichiren Buddhism

  • Dec 7

    SGI-Norway Opens First Center; Holds First Study Examination

  • Dec 7

    SGI-Argentina Peace Auditorium Recognized for Architectural Excellence

  • Dec 6

    SGI-UK Opens New Center in Central London

  • Dec 5

    New SGI Center Opens in Bremen, Germany

  • Dec 4

    Philosophical Dialogue among Confucian, Buddhist and Daoist Scholars in Hong Kong

  • Dec 4

    Lotus Sutra Exhibition in Hong Kong Displays Rare Artifacts from Early Recorded History

  • Dec 4

    8,000 Sit for Buddhist Study Exams in 25 European Countries

  • Dec 3

    SGI Members in Slovenia Host Seminar

  • Dec 3

    SGI-Peru Holds Elementary-Level Buddhist Study Examination in 14 Cities

  • Dec 2

    SGI-USA Language Groups Help Build Global Network

  • Nov 29

    SGI-Mexico and Veracruz City Cosponsor Youth Peace Convention

  • Nov 29

    SGI Members Gather in Uganda, Cameroon and Ghana

  • Nov 20

    21st "Boys and Girls Art of Hope Exhibit" Opens at Josei Toda International Center in Tokyo

  • Nov 18

    SGI-Cameroon Women Hold General Meeting

  • Nov 18

    SGI-Macedonia Holds First Study Examination on Nichiren Buddhism

  • Nov 15

    English Edition of The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Volume II to be Released Soon

  • Nov 15

    SGI-Taiwan Publishes Contemporary Chinese Language Editions of "Opening of the Eyes" from Nichiren's Writings

  • Nov 9

    SOKANET Japanese Site Relaunched with New URL

  • Oct 24

    Italian Buddhist Dictionary Released

  • Oct 20

    SGI-Mexico Representatives Speak on Buddhist View of Happiness at Enrique Díaz de León Vocational College, Guadalajara, Mexico

  • Oct 15

    SGI Members Hold Friendship Exchanges at 58 Venues in Aichi Prefecture

  • Oct 4

    SGI-USA Members in New Orleans Hold "Victory Rally" on Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

  • Oct 3

    SGI-Taiwan Recognized as Excellent Community Organization for 14th Consecutive Year

  • Oct 3

    SGI-Germany's Villa Sachsen Celebrates Heritage Day

  • Oct 1

    Bronze Statues Dedicated to SGI-Korea Women Pioneers

  • Sep 28

    New SGI-Europe District Established in Ísafjördur, Iceland

  • Sep 23

    SGI-Italy Holds Summer Buddhist Study Session in Fiuggi, Italy

  • Sep 20

    SGI-Russia Members Gather for General Meetings

  • Sep 16

    SGI Fiji Island Members Gather Family-style

  • Sep 15

    SGI Youth in Ghana and Nigeria Hold Training Sessions

  • Sep 14

    SGI-UK Young Men Participate in Summer Course

  • Sep 12

    7,000 SGI-Thailand Candidates Nationwide Sit for Beginning-Level Study Examination

  • Sep 8

    SGI-Europe Holds Summer Study Session in Trets

  • Aug 29

    SGI-Macau Youth and SGI-Hong Kong Boys and Girls Meet, Respectively

  • Aug 28

    SGI-UK Young Women Meet for Summer Course

  • Aug 24

    SGI-USA Youth in New York, New York, Hold Festival Commemorating 25th Anniversary of SGI President's Poem to America's Youth; New York State Awards Honorary Citizenships to SGI President and Mrs. Ikeda

  • Aug 11

    SGI-USA Hosts Leadership Study Conference for North America-Oceania

  • Aug 10

    SGI Young Men's Division Members Celebrate 55th Anniversary in Argentina and Thailand

  • Aug 9

    SGI-Portugal Youth Hold General Meeting

  • Aug 8

    SGI Members in Austria and Eastern Europe Hold Combined Summer Study Session

  • Aug 1

    SGI-Serbia Members Gather for Commemorative Meeting

  • Jul 23

    SGI Youth from 60 Countries Exchange with Members in Chiba, Ibaraki, Gunma and Tochigi Prefectures

  • Jul 20

    SGI Young Women Commemorate 55th Anniversary During Summer Youth Training Session in Japan

  • Jul 20

    Broward County, Florida, USA, Commemorates Tenth Anniversary of the Florida Nature and Culture Center; Honors SGI President and His Wife Kaneko Ikeda

  • Jul 19

    Two Official Websites Related to Daisaku Ikeda Now Available

  • Jul 7

    Soka Gakkai Reelects President Einosuke Akiya

  • Jun 30

    Singapore Soka Association Youth and Women Sponsor Lectures by Dr. N. Radhakrishnan

  • Jun 15

    SGI-Philippines Women's Division Holds Friendship Gatherings

  • Jun 14

    SGI-Spain Members in Galicia Meet for First Time as a Region; SGI-Norway Women's Division Holds General Meetings

  • Jun 11

    27,000 Gather for Chapter Meetings in India

  • Jun 8

    China's National Peking Opera Theatre Launches Japan Tour

  • Jun 6

    SGI-Korea Women's Division Holds Commemorative Chorus Festival

  • Jun 5

    SGI-Panama Hosts Dramatization of SGI President's The Snow Country Prince; SGI-Philippines Young Women Meet for Study Session

  • Jun 5

    Soka Gakkai Agriculture and Fishery Departments of Okayama and Aichi Hold Renaissance Rallies

  • Jun 4

    SGI-Switzerland Representatives Participate in Training Session in Trets, France

  • May 28

    25,000 Study Nichiren's Writings in Soka Gakkai Malaysia

  • May 25

    SGI Members in Africa and Romania Celebrate Soka Gakkai's Anniversary

  • May 20

    Soka Gakkai Indonesia Opens New Headquarters Building; SGI President Commended by Indonesia University of Education and Indonesian Photographers' Association

  • May 12

    Soka Gakkai Women Launch 55th Anniversary Meetings

  • May 11

    SGI Members Around the World Celebrate May 3 Soka Gakkai Day

  • May 10

    Soka Gakkai Music Groups Participate in Local Parades Nationwide During Golden Week

  • Apr 30

    5,000 Soka Gakkai Youth Rally in Tokyo

  • Apr 24

    SGI-Brazil's Future Division Celebrates 15 Years

  • Apr 23

    Soka Gakkai Fuji Fife-and-Drum Corps Marches in Shinjuku City Parade

  • Apr 15

    SGI-Iceland Becomes a Headquarters

  • Apr 12

    SGI-Cameroon Youth Start Afresh

  • Apr 11

    SGI Women Around the World Gather--USA, Peru and Italy

  • Apr 7

    SGI Youth in French Guiana Hold Cultural Event

  • Apr 5

    SGI Members in Africa Celebrate March 16

  • Apr 1

    New Soka Young Women's Center Completed

  • Mar 31

    Book on Soka Gakkai and Globalization of Buddhist Humanism Published

  • Mar 29

    SGI-Europe Youth Commemorate March 16

  • Mar 24

    European Academy of Sciences and Arts President Felix Unger Speaks on Future of Medicine and Humanity

  • Mar 23

    Singapore Soka Association Holds Entrance and Intermediate-Level Study Examinations on Nichiren Buddhism

  • Mar 20

    Hokkaido Youth Hold Experience Rallies at 135 Venues

  • Mar 13

    Bahrat (India) Soka Gakkai Members Hold Family Festivals in Soka Bodhi Tree Garden

  • Mar 13

    SGI-Portugal Holds Study Session in Trets, Southern France

  • Mar 3

    23,000 Pass Youth Division Advanced Level Study Examination on Nichiren Buddhism

  • Feb 27

    Soka Gakkai Holds Youth Division Advanced-level Examination on Nichiren Buddhism

  • Feb 21

    Soka Gakkai Agriculture and Fisheries Division Members Gather throughout Japan

  • Feb 17

    Nichiren's Birthday Observed

  • Feb 10

    Buddhism Study Conference Held at Florida Nature and Culture Center

  • Jan 30

    SGI-Macau and SGI-Hong Kong Hold Study Session, Respectively; SGI-Hong Kong Publishes Chinese Translation of Nichiren's Writings

  • Jan 27

    SGI-USA Celebrates Chinese New Year

  • Jan 27

    SGI Members in Togo, Kenya and Côte d'Ivoire, Africa, Respectively Kick Off 2006

  • Jan 27

    Seikyo Shimbun Holds Grand 55th Anniversary Reception

  • Jan 26

    Soka Gakkai International Holds World Peace Prayer Service to Commemorate January 26, SGI Day

  • Jan 19

    Fourth SGI-European Summit Held at SGI European Center in France

  • Jan 18

    Soka Gakkai Remembers Victims of the Great Hanshin Earthquake

  • Jan 5

    SGI Members Around the World Usher in the New Year