• Nov 30

    Bharat Soka Gakkai Kicks Off Toward 2015

  • Nov 23

    SGI-Germany Explores the Buddhist View of Life and Death

  • Nov 15

    Diversity Celebrated at SGI-New Zealand's 50th Anniversary

  • Nov 2

    SGI-South Africa Holds National Meeting

  • Oct 26

    "Let Us Illuminate Society!"--SGI-Chile Women Hold General Meeting

  • Oct 19

    Students of Hong Kong SGI Hold Annual Meeting; Resolve to Realize Peace

  • Oct 12

    SGI-Germany Marks Publication of German Edition of Nichiren's Writings at Frankfurt Bookfair

  • Oct 6

    Lotus Sutra Exhibition Debuts in Argentina

  • Oct 2

    SGI-Philippines Manila International Peace Center Opens

  • Sep 28

    Buddhist Study Exams Held in Asia, Latin America and Oceania

  • Sep 17

    Russian Language Edition of "The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra" Published, SGI Website in Russian Launched

  • Aug 11

    SGI-Europe Holds Annual Summer Study Sessions in Milan and Trets

  • Jun 8

    SGI-Italy Holds Nationwide Women's General Meetings

  • May 24

    Portuguese Edition of Nichiren's Writings Published in Brazil

  • May 19

    SGI Youth from Across Asia Deepen Bonds of Friendship in Kyushu

  • May 18

    Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Opening of SGI-Ghana Center

  • Apr 22

    SGI Latin America Study Training Course Held in Brazil and Argentina

  • Apr 22

    Soka Gakkai Publishes 16th in Lotus Sutra Manuscript Series

  • Apr 21

    2014 SGI Spring Training Course Held

  • Mar 30

    Brazil SGI Men's Division Members Attend Exchange Meetings in Remote Areas

  • Mar 25

    SOKA Global Action Youth Delegates From Japan Visit U.S.

  • Mar 23

    New SGI Center Opens in Singapore

  • Mar 17

    New SGI Center Opens in Mumbai, India

  • Mar 11

    Soka Gakkai Holds March 11 Memorial Services

  • Feb 22

    SGI in Uruguay and Argentina Hold Commemorative Meetings

  • Feb 16

    Lotus Sutra Exhibition Debuts in Malaysia

  • Jan 19

    SGI European Summit Held at New Center in Milan, Italy