• Dec 12

    SGI-Peru Holds Fifth National Leaders Meeting

  • Dec 5

    New Commemorative Hall Opens at Soka Gakkai Malaysia's Grand Culture Centre

  • Dec 4

    Soka Gakkai Academic Department Hosts Symposium on History of SGI

  • Dec 3

    Symposium on "Modern Civilization and Philosophy" and Lotus Sutra Exhibition Held in Brazil

  • Nov 30

    Buddhist Meetings Held in Africa

  • Nov 28

    Bharat (India) Soka Gakkai Holds General Meeting

  • Nov 28

    SGI-Russia Young Women Commemorate the Founding of Soka Gakkai

  • Nov 28

    SGI Members in the UK and Japan Take Buddhist Study Exams

  • Nov 23

    Institute of Oriental Philosophy UK Hosts Lotus Sutra Event at the British Library

  • Nov 21

    Soka Gakkai's Anniversary Celebrated at University of Hamburg

  • Nov 21

    SGI Members Around the World Celebrate Soka Gakkai's Founding

  • Nov 18

    Ikeda Hall Opens in Seoul, Korea

  • Nov 14

    SGI-Austria Hosts Youth Friendship Meeting in Vienna

  • Nov 13

    SGI General Meetings Held on Portuguese Islands

  • Nov 4

    Representative SGI Members from Africa Meet in Tokyo

  • Nov 2

    Founding of Soka Activity Support Groups Commemorated

  • Oct 24

    SGI-Denmark Young Women Hold Training Course

  • Oct 23

    SGI Members in Europe Engage in Buddhist Study

  • Oct 10

    SGI Members in Hong Kong Take Buddhist Study Exams

  • Oct 10

    Throughout Europe SGI Members Vow to Work for Peace

  • Oct 2

    SGI World Peace Day Celebrated Around the World

  • Sep 19

    Local Grassroots Meetings Held in Japan

  • Sep 18

    SGI Members in Russia Hold General Meetings

  • Sep 12

    SGI-Dominican Republic Holds Leaders Meeting

  • Sep 6

    SGI Youth Leaders Participate in Training Course and Cultural Exchanges in Japan

  • Aug 22

    Photo Story: SGI-Bolivia

  • Aug 22

    35th SGI-Europe Summer Sessions Held at Trets, France

  • Aug 15

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Victims Remembered

  • Aug 13

    Lotus Sutra Exhibition Shown in Nepal and India

  • Aug 8

    Pugwash Chairman Speaks at SGI-Denmark's Summer Training Session

  • Jul 25

    SGI Members in Africa Hold Training Sessions

  • Jul 25

    SGI Young Women's Day Celebrated in Uruguay and Canada

  • Jul 19

    South America Celebrates Founding of Youth Groups

  • Jul 18

    SGI-Sierra Leone Members Vow to Create Peace

  • Jul 4

    SGI-Dominican Republic and Argentina Hold Leaders Meetings

  • Jun 27

    SGI-Ecuador Holds Women's General Meetings

  • Jun 27

    SGI-Argentina and Bolivia Hold Leaders Training Courses

  • Jun 26

    SGI-Czech Republic Women's General Meeting held in Prague

  • Jun 17

    SGI-Thailand Publishes Thai Language Version of The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra, vol.3

  • Jun 13

    SGI-Switzerland Hosts Summer Training Course in France

  • Jun 13

    SGI-Finland Holds Summer Training Course

  • Jun 6

    SGI-Venezuela Celebrates SGI Women's Day

  • Jun 6

    SGI-Greece Holds General Meetings

  • Jun 6

    SGI-Norway Holds Commemorative Women's General Meetings

  • Jun 5

    SGI-UK Volunteer Groups Celebrate Entrance and Graduation Ceremonies

  • Jun 3

    SGI-Germany Holds Headquarters Leaders Meeting and Buddhist Seminar

  • May 18

    SGI-Korea Members Study Nichiren's Writings

  • May 16

    SGI-Hungary Holds Training Session

  • May 2

    SGI-Dominican Republic Appoints New General Director

  • May 2

    SGI Commemorates May 3

  • Apr 28

    Establishment of Nichiren Buddhism Celebrated

  • Apr 17

    Soka Gakkai Day Commemorated at Soka Gakkai Monthly Leaders' Meeting

  • Apr 7

    Soka Gakkai Publishes the Tenth in its Series of Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscripts

  • Apr 4

    SGI-Cambodia Appoints New General Director

  • Apr 4

    SGI-Chile Holds Prayer Service for Earthquake Victims

  • Apr 4

    Latin America Study Session Held in Brazil

  • Mar 21

    Memorial Equinox Services Held at Soka Gakkai Centers and Memorial Parks

  • Mar 21

    SGI members in Sierra Leone Organize Buddhist Seminars

  • Mar 20

    SGI-Poland Holds General Meeting

  • Mar 14

    SGI-Belgium Youth Commemorate March 16

  • Mar 8

    SGI Spring Training Session Concludes

  • Mar 7

    SGI Members Attend Spring Training Session in Japan

  • Mar 6

    Soka Gakkai Holds Monthly Leaders Meeting in Tokyo

  • Mar 4

    SGI Spring Training Session Commences in Japan

  • Mar 1

    SGI-Korea Holds General Meetings for Men's, Women's and Student Groups

  • Feb 22

    SGI-Russia Members Attend Training Course in Austria

  • Feb 21

    SGI-Haiti and Dominican Republic Members Attend Joint Meeting in Haiti

  • Feb 16

    Anniversary of Nichiren's Birth Celebrated

  • Feb 16

    SGI to Offer Study Exams on Nichiren Buddhism in 46 Countries During 2010

  • Feb 14

    SGI-UK Members Gather for Buddhist Study Seminars

  • Feb 14

    Buddhist Study Seminars Held in India

  • Feb 7

    SGI-Dominican Republic Holds General Meeting

  • Feb 7

    SGI-Sweden Holds General Meetings

  • Jan 31

    SGI-Switzerland Holds General Meeting in Lucerne

  • Jan 30

    SGI-Ireland Hosts First Annual Chapter Meeting

  • Jan 26

    Soka Gakkai International Celebrates SGI Day

  • Jan 25

    SGI-USA Holds SGI Leaders Study Conference

  • Jan 24

    SGI-Haiti Holds First District Meeting in Wake of Earthquake

  • Jan 23

    Youth Hold General Meeting in Nepal

  • Jan 17

    SGI-Europe Holds Summit Meetings

  • Jan 16

    Guam Celebrates SGI's 35th Anniversary

  • Jan 2

    SGI Members Around the World Celebrate the New Year

  • Jan 2

    Singapore Soka Association Youth Hold General Meeting

  • Jan 1

    SGI Members in Kenya and Mauritius Celebrate the New Year

  • Jan 1

    SGI President Conveys New Year's Message