• Dec 29

    First SGI Conference on Central African Countries Held in Cameroon

  • Dec 29

    SGI-Cameroon Holds General Meeting

  • Dec 5

    SGI-Hong Kong and SGI-Macau Hold General Meetings

  • Dec 2

    Bharat (India) Soka Gakkai Members Gather at Soka Bodhi Tree Garden

  • Nov 29

    Soka Gakkai Holds Entrance Level Study Examination on Nichiren Buddhism

  • Nov 22

    Soka Gakkai Members in Remote Japanese Villages Foster Friendships in the Community

  • Nov 17

    SGI Members Celebrate Soka Gakkai's Founding Day

  • Nov 15

    SGI Representatives Make Courtesy Call on Micronesian President

  • Nov 11

    SGI 2007 Autumn Training Course Held in Japan

  • Oct 31

    SGI-USA Conducts Study Review Sessions; SGI-Canada Youth Hold First Study Exam

  • Oct 23

    The Lotus Sutra Published in Laotian

  • Oct 21

    SGI Men from Benelux Meet at Villa Sachsen, Germany

  • Oct 14

    SGI Members Challenge Study Department Exams in Brazil, Venezuela, Thailand and Nepal

  • Oct 14

    Latin American Youth Gather for Peace Conference in Brazil

  • Oct 14

    SGI-Norway Holds Study Session

  • Oct 8

    SGI Members in Greece and the Czech Republic Attend Leadership Training Courses

  • Oct 7

    SGI-Portugal Holds Leadership Training Course

  • Oct 7

    University of Madras, India, Hosts Exhibition on the Lotus Sutra

  • Oct 7

    SGI-Finland Kicks Off with New Leadership

  • Sep 30

    SGI Members of Benelux Nations Gather

  • Sep 24

    Dr. Margarita Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya Lectures in Tokyo on the Lotus Sutra

  • Sep 23

    10,000 Gather for Soka Gakkai Thailand Men's General Meeting; Men Meet in Costa Rica, New Zealand and U.K.

  • Sep 22

    Soka Gakkai Youth Hold National Leaders' Meeting; SGI President Named Honorary Citizen of Navoiy City, Uzbekistan

  • Sep 19

    SGI-Korea and SGI-Taiwan Hold Study Sessions on Nichiren Buddhism

  • Sep 16

    SGI-USA Youth Celebrate New Phase of SGI's Worldwide Growth

  • Sep 9

    2007 SGI Youth Autumn Training Session in Tokyo

  • Sep 8

    SGI-Europe Youth Engage in Dialogue to Promote Nuclear Disarmament and a Culture of Peace

  • Sep 8

    SGI-Russia Commemorates Anniversary of SGI President's Visit

  • Sep 3

    SGI-Nepal Makes Fresh Start with New Youth Leaders

  • Aug 28

    5,000 Gather for SGI-Italy General Meeting in Florence, Italy

  • Aug 26

    SGI-Spain and SGI-Portugal Attend Summer Study Session

  • Aug 26

    SGI Men and Young Men in Latin America Strengthen Friendships

  • Aug 25

    SGI Members in Fiji Gather

  • Aug 5

    SGI Youth in Hong Kong and Macau Participate in Summer Activities

  • Jul 31

    SGI-USA's New Territories Hold Kickoff Meetings

  • Jul 31

    SGI-Philippines Celebrates Young Men's Division Day

  • Jul 29

    SGI Latin American Youth Commemorate Anniversaries

  • Jul 15

    SGI Youth in Peru and Ecuador Hold Commemorative Meetings

  • Jul 15

    SGI-Brazil Youth Expand Friendship through Dialogue

  • Jul 15

    SGI-New Zealand Women Learn About Tapping "Boundless Life" from Within

  • Jul 11

    SGI-Europe Summer Courses Begin in Trets, France

  • Jul 7

    Singapore Soka Association Celebrates 40th Anniversary

  • Jul 1

    SGI-Cambodia Youth Pledge to Advance Peace

  • Jul 1

    SGI-Paraguay Women Hold General Meetings

  • Jun 30

    SGI-Nepal Conducts Buddhist Seminar; SGI-Sri Lanka Holds Study Exams

  • Jun 29

    Lotus Sutra Exhibition in Macau Conveys Timeless Spiritual Message

  • Jun 28

    SGI Women Around the World Celebrate Women's Division Day

  • Jun 24

    SGI-USA Advances with New Leadership and Nationwide Organization

  • Jun 23

    SGI Cameroon Holds Leaders' Study Sessions

  • Jun 17

    SGI-Finland Holds Summer Course in Paimio, Finland

  • Jun 17

    SGI-Germany Holds Training Course in Trets

  • Jun 12

    Greek Edition of The Lotus Sutra Commemorated

  • Jun 9

    SGI-Sweden Celebrates SGI-Sweden Day; SGI-Switzerland Youth Leaders Meet

  • Jun 7

    SGI-Portugal "Young Mothers" Group Debuts

  • Jun 3

    SGI-Cambodia Holds First National Meeting

  • May 21

    First Sign Language-Interpreted Conference Held at the FNCC

  • May 20

    Community Friendship Festivals Held Throughout Taiwan

  • May 13

    SGI-Panama Youth Honor Women Members

  • May 12

    Institute of Oriental Philosophy European Center Relaunched

  • May 6

    SGI-Europe Celebrates Soka Gakkai Day

  • May 3

    SGI-Philippines Announces New National Leaders

  • May 3

    SGI-Australia Announces New Leaders

  • Apr 30

    SGI-Korea Opens Two Culture Centers and a New Hwa Kwang Shinmun Building

  • Apr 28

    SGI-Brazil Hosts Latin American Conference

  • Apr 28

    New SGI-Brazil Culture Center Opens

  • Apr 27

    Establishment of Nichiren Buddhism Celebrated Worldwide

  • Apr 24

    German Edition of Burton Watson's Lotus Sutra to Be Published

  • Apr 17

    Soka Gakkai Publishes 7th Book in the Lotus Sutra Manuscript Series

  • Apr 15

    SGI-Hong Kong's Senior Citizens Meet

  • Apr 15

    SGI-Czech Members Celebrate 15th Anniversary

  • Apr 14

    Bharat Soka Gakkai Men and Women Study at Soka Bodhi Tree Garden

  • Apr 6

    SGI-UK Representatives Attend Training Sessions at SGI European Center in Southern France

  • Apr 2

    Anniversary of Second Soka Gakkai President's Death Commemorated

  • Apr 1

    University of Nairobi Professor Speaks at SGI-Kenya General Meeting

  • Mar 29

    SGI-Europe Youth Celebrate March 16 and Reaffirm Their Commitment to Peace

  • Mar 28

    SGI-Taiwan Publishes Fifth Volume of Anthology of Nichiren's Writings in Modern Chinese

  • Mar 25

    SGI Associations Throughout Latin America Hold Commemorative Gatherings

  • Mar 25

    SGI-USA Youth Celebrate March 16

  • Mar 25

    Youth Study Session at Soka Bodhi Tree Garden, New Delhi, India

  • Mar 24

    SGI-Italy Holds National Leaders' Meeting

  • Mar 18

    Bharat (India) Soka Gakkai Holds Study Sessions on Nichiren Buddhism

  • Mar 18

    SGI-Taiwan Studies Nichiren's Writings; Holds Study Exam for Lecturers on Nichiren Buddhism

  • Mar 18

    SGI-Sri Lanka Holds Youth General Meeting

  • Mar 18

    SGI Youth of the Balkans Hold General Meeting

  • Mar 17

    SGI-Côte d'Ivoire Youth Hold Rally

  • Mar 16

    SGI-Panama Holds Commemorative Meeting

  • Mar 11

    SGI-Switzerland Youth Hold Commemorative Meeting

  • Mar 11

    SGI Mexico Youth Commemorate March 16

  • Mar 8

    SGI-Cameroon Women Participate in International Women's Day Parades and Activities

  • Mar 4

    New SGI Community Center Opens in Tampa, Florida, USA

  • Mar 4

    SGI-Chile Holds Commemorative Meeting

  • Feb 25

    25,000 Gather in India for General Meetings and Cultural Festivals

  • Feb 25

    SGI-Kenya Holds Buddhist Seminar and SGI-Cameroon Youth Learn about Sustainability

  • Feb 25

    SGI-Guatemala Commemorates 15th Anniversary

  • Feb 20

    Seminar on "Relevance of Buddhism in Today's World" Held at Mukherji College, New Delhi, India

  • Feb 18

    SGI-Ireland Holds Commemorative Meeting

  • Feb 18

    SGI-Romania Becomes a District

  • Feb 18

    Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrated in New Zealand and Hong Kong

  • Feb 16

    Nichiren's Birth Anniversary Celebrated

  • Feb 11

    SGI-Thailand Promotes Study of Nichiren Buddhism

  • Feb 11

    SGI-Dominican Republic Holds General Meeting

  • Feb 9

    SGI-Mexico Youth Give a Talk on Nichiren Buddhism and SGI President's Activities

  • Feb 4

    SGI Associations in Poland, Costa Rica and Colombia Celebrate Anniversaries

  • Feb 4

    SGI-Sweden Members Meet in Stockholm, Malmö and Götenborg

  • Jan 30

    SGI-Mexico Publishes Second Volume of The World of Nichiren Daishonin's Writings in Spanish

  • Jan 28

    Study Sessions on Nichiren's Writings Held in North and Latin America

  • Jan 28

    SGI-Switzerland Kicks Off 2007

  • Jan 27

    SGI-Nepal Holds 7th Future Division General Meeting for Boys and Girls

  • Jan 26

    SGI-Brazil Youth Engage in Dialogues with "One Million Amigos-Amigas"; Youth Groups Meet

  • Jan 26

    SGI Korea Commemorates SGI Day; Children's Choir Welcomes New Members

  • Jan 21

    Women of SGI-Portugal Hold 4th General Meeting

  • Jan 21

    Buddhist Learning Courses Held in Frankfurt and Bingen, Germany

  • Jan 21

    SGI-Germany Hosts Open House at Its New Hamburg Center

  • Jan 20

    Newly-Renovated SGI-Brazil Women's Center Opens

  • Jan 14

    SGI-Europe Holds Peace Summit at Trets

  • Jan 14

    SGI-USA Opens New Center in Guam

  • Jan 7

    SGI-Taiwan and SGI-South Korea Hold Buddhist Study Examinations

  • Jan 6

    SGI-Cuba First Buddhist Association Officially Registered with Cuban Government

  • Jan 6

    Volume II of De Geschriften van Nichiren Daishonin (Dutch Translations of Nichiren's Writings) Published

  • Jan 2

    SGI Associations in Oceania Celebrate the New Year

  • Jan 1

    SGI-Canada Opens New Center in Québec, Canada

  • Jan 1

    SGI-Europe Associations Greet the New Year

  • Jan 1

    SGI Associations in Asian Countries Ring in the New Year

  • Jan 1

    SGI Associations in Latin America Celebrate the New Year

  • Jan 1

    SGI New Year's Prayer Meetings Held Across the African Continent

  • Jan 1

    SGI-Canada Greets the New Year