Buddhism | Mar 6 2005

250 SGI Members from 160 Countries Exchange with Japanese Members in Tokyo

On the evening of March 5, 250 SGI members from 160 countries and regions visited 12 centers in west Tokyo and met with local Japanese members. Representatives of France, Belgium, Switzerland, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Madagascar, Benin and the Republic of Congo received a warm welcome from local members at the ... read more

Buddhism | Mar 6 2005

SGI-New Zealand Celebrate Chinese New Year with Local Residents

On February 13, SGI-New Zealand members celebrated Lunar (Chinese) New Year at the SGI-New Zealand Culture Center. Some 700 local residents attended, together with Fiona Yuen, Justice of the Peace in Auckland and president of the New Zealand Guangdong Association Inc. SGI-New Zealand General Director Jimi Wallace introduced the SGI's ... read more

Buddhism | Mar 5 2005

SGI Representatives from 60 Countries Study Nichiren's Writings and Participate in Q&A with Soka Gakkai President

On March 4, the third day of the 2005 SGI Spring Training Session, the 250 participants from 60 countries attended a lecture by SGI Study Department Chief Katsuji Saito on "Reply to Kyo'o" (The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, p. 412-413) at the Soka Friendship Hall in Sendagaya, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. ... read more

Buddhism | Mar 4 2005

Soka Gakkai Holds Monthly Leaders' Meeting for March

On March 3, Soka Gakkai held its monthly leaders' meeting, in conjunction with general meetings for Hokkaido and Chubu, at Tokyo Makiguchi Memorial Hall in Hachioji, Tokyo. Some 250 SGI members from 60 countries and regions joined Soka Gakkai President Einosuke Akiya and other national leaders. Representatives from Hokkaido and ... read more

Buddhism | Mar 3 2005

SGI 2005 Spring Training Session Commences in Tokyo

Some 250 SGI members from 60 countries and regions arrived in Tokyo earlier this week for a one-week training course. The opening session took place March 2 at the Soka International Friendship Hall in Sendagaya, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. Representatives from the Republic of Congo, Singapore and Portugal shared reports of ... read more

Buddhism | Mar 2 2005

Six Thousand Converge on SGI-Brazil Nature and Culture Center to Celebrate SGI-Brazil Women's Day

Denise Silva, a group leader in her local organization, shared her personal saga of a miserable childhood with a father and a stepmother she couldn't get along with. She left home at 17, with no direction. Soon she met her future husband, a young men's division member in SGI-Brazil, who ... read more

Buddhism | Mar 1 2005

SGI-Germany Grows from Six to 14 Headquarters in Ten Years

On February 26 and 27, SGI-Germany chapter level leaders and up met at the Frankfurt SGI-Germany Culture Center to launch a fresh beginning. Representatives shared their experiences of practicing Nichiren Buddhism. SGI-Germany Chief Hideaki Takahashi announced that their organization has grown to 14 headquarters from the six established ten years ... read more

Buddhism | Feb 24 2005

SGI-Mexico's Young Men's Brass Band and Young Women's Fife-and-Drum Corps Introduced on Local Radio Program

On February 10, SGI-Mexico representatives, headed by Youth Division Chief Daisuke Inoue, appeared on "Universo Digital," a radio program linked to the Internet, to talk about the activities of SGI-Mexico's young men's brass band and young women's fife-and-drum corps. During the show, the youth talked about the bands' purpose and ... read more

Buddhism | Feb 17 2005

SGI Members Observe Anniversary of Nichiren's Birthday

On February 16, SGI members in 190 countries and regions held world peace prayer services in observance of Nichiren's birthday (February 16, 1222) at respective SGI centers. SGI President Daisaku Ikeda attended a service at the Tokyo Makiguchi Memorial Hall in Hachioji City, Tokyo, while Soka Gakkai President Einosuke Akiya ... read more

Buddhism | Feb 15 2005

Soka Gakkai Education Department Hosts Lecture by Future President of the Newly Established Tokyo Metropolitan University

On February 13, the Soka Gakkai Education Department hosted a public lecture at the Sendai International Center in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. This was the first installment of the Education Department's new lecture series commemorating the 75th anniversary of Soka kyoikugaku taikei (The System of Value-Creating Pedagogy), conceived by educator ... read more

Buddhism | Feb 13 2005

SGI members in Central African Republic Meet

On January 30, SGI members in the Central African Republic met in Bangui, the country's capital, to commemorate January 26, SGI Day. Located in the heart of Africa, the country's northern part is a treeless savanna, while the southern part contains dense tropical rainforests. The Central African Republic produces cotton, ... read more

Buddhism | Feb 8 2005

Local Band El Cuarteto Helps SGI-Venezuela Celebrate SGI's 30th Anniversary

On January 28, SGI-Venezuela celebrated SGI's 30th anniversary with a special concert by El Cuarteto, a locally renowned traditional Venezuelan band at Aula Magna Hall on the Central University campus, Caracas. Over 1,200 people gathered for the concert, including government officials, academics and UN regional officers. Dr. Hector Navarro, professor ... read more

Buddhism | Feb 3 2005

SGI Members Around the World Celebrate SGI Day

In January, SGI members around the world celebrated SGI's 30th anniversary in their respective locales. SGI-Australia members met on January 26 in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. SGI-New Zealand members gathered at the SGI-New Zealand Culture Center in Auckland, as well as in Wellington and Christchurch. SGI-Europe Chair Shoichi Hasegawa ... read more

Buddhism | Jan 31 2005

Dialogue Series between Harvard Social Anthropology Professor and SGI President Begins in March Issue of Ushio

A new dialogue series between Professor Nur Yalman of the Department of Anthropology, Harvard University, specializing in social anthropology and Middle Eastern studies, and SGI President Daisaku Ikeda will be published in Ushio, a monthly Japanese literary magazine, beginning with the March 2005 issue. Titled "Kyo no sekai asu no ... read more

Buddhism | Jan 30 2005

SGI-USA Celebrates SGI's 30th Anniversary with an Aloha Gala in Hawaii

SGI-USA celebrated SGI's 30th anniversary with a national general meeting and culture festival at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, on January 22. Some 5,000, including guests from the fields of education, human rights, performing arts, literary circles and the United Nations. SGI President Daisaku Ikeda sent a ... read more