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Taiwan Soka Association Organizes Educational Summer Camps

Alishan Elementary SchoolAt the Alishan Elementary School in Chiayi
Learning the history and geography of TaiwanAn elementary school student learning the history and geography of Taiwan

On July 7 and 8, a team of Taiwan Soka Association (TSA) student members from various universities organized TSA's Soka Joy Summer Camp at the Alishan Elementary School, located in the mountainous Alishan region of Chiayi County in southwestern Taiwan.

The annual Soka Joy Summer Camp initiative aims to contribute to children's education in remote mountain and island villages where there is a shortage of educational resources for children. This year, some 70 students attended the camp in Chiayi, and TSA volunteer camp counselors organized educational activities and performances, as well as a showing of the SGI and the Earth Charter joint exhibition "Seeds of Hope: Visions of Sustainability, Steps Towards Change."

Students at the Alishan Elementary SchoolA college student playing with students at the Alishan Elementary School

On July 16 and 17, another team of TSA student volunteers organized a Soka Joy Summer Camp in Ren-ai Township's Hu Chu Elementary School, located in Nantou County.

The summer camps provide student volunteers with an opportunity to take the initiative to create fun educational projects for the elementary school students and experience the joy of helping others. 

[Adapted from articles in the July 22 and August 12, 2011, issues of Harmony Press, Taiwan Soka Association; photos courtesy of Harmony Press]