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Taiwan Soka Association Establishes Education Counseling Centers

100819x-tsa-educator_liu_kun-huei.jpg Professor Liu Kun-huei

Starting September 1, Taiwan Soka Association (TSA) established education counseling centers at many of its community centers throughout Taiwan. The counseling centers were created for the purpose of providing a venue for young people to receive encouragement, develop ideals and gain hope for the future.

Services are currently provided to TSA members but will eventually become open to the general public, and the centers will be staffed by professional teachers, principals and school counselors.

At the counseling centers, students can receive guidance on issues relating to difficulties in learning, adapting to school environments, parent-child communication and selecting career paths. Students and their parents also have the option of attending counseling sessions together.

In preparation for the opening of the centers in September, TSA organized a seminar for its staff members from August 17 to 19. Renowned Taiwanese psychologist and educator Professor Liu Kun-huei, as well as two teachers who studied under him, Professors Lin Wei-fang and Huang Su-fei, attended as keynote speakers. They touched on topics such as problem resolution techniques during counseling, methods of issue identification and ethics and rules within the counseling profession.

[Adapted from an article from Harmony Press (Issue no. 859), Taiwan Soka Association; photo courtesy of Harmony Press]